We’re ready to roll – – but where are the employees??

Carolyn Dorsey | Coordinator | People Factor LLC

The “signs” are literally everywhere – hiring bonuses, record-high hourly wages listed on business marquees, and free gifts just to show up to a scheduled interview! Employers are really struggling to get new employees through the door, much less onboarded. Without getting into the weeds on why there’s a shortage, we want to talk about some ways to survive it and thrive.


How do you get the attention of potential employees when higher salaries aren’t proving to be an effective lure right now?  Your business – and the kind of jobs you’re trying to fill – have to have an appeal of their own. There are now worker concerns that cash just doesn’t “fix.” – Many workers are having difficulty finding childcare because in many areas, schools and summer programs still have restrictions in place. Some, though fully vaccinated, are still concerned about the possibilities of catching COVID variants. Others aren’t convinced that this new, brave, COVID-free world is going to continue and are unwilling to change their status quo if they’re just going to get booted back out in another lockdown.


Cutting to the chase – let’s look at some non-wage ways to appeal to today’s discriminating labor pool…


  • Work to promote your employer brand on social media. Reach potential employees where they live – on their favorite social media sites.
    • Feature stories and anecdotes from your current employees on why it’s great to work for your business.
    • Get involved in your community and feature that work in posts. (One local business we know is shutting down for a day and soliciting ideas on Facebook for places their employees can help as volunteers.)
  • Share your company mission in a way that appeals to the employees you want to attract. Don’t have a mission or vision? It’s probably time for you to think that through. There are companies (ahem) that help with that.
  • If you’re in the position to do it, partner with other businesses or daycare programs to help with childcare for your workers. Or offer flexible or shorter schedules that can work around childcare needs.
  • Give current employees referral incentives to bring in good people they know.
  • Create fun job advertisements. Show your company’s personality in the way you invite them to work for you. Make sure to place them where your target employee market will see them.
  • Make sure they know the benefits that long term employment with your company will bring them – health benefits, personal development opportunities, higher salaries, company picnics, events, and perks – all point to appealing reasons to hire on and stay.
  • Look to non-standard labor sources like special needs agencies or second chance recruitment agencies that represent released, non-violent felons. (Second chance hires have proven to be a great source of team members who know the value of what they have, want to prove themselves, and are willing to work hard to do it.)
  • Promote how you’re working to keep your workers healthy and have conversations with your current employees on what their work concerns are now. Work to address them and encourage them to share your company’s progress on their social media pages.


The snap back from this pandemic is going to be a longer and rougher ride than many anticipated, but you’ve made it this far, and People Factor is always available to help.