Team Building

Team Building

Did your last team building event seem like a waste of budget? Was it little more than an outing which you hoped might encourage “a little bonding?” That’s not what team building should do for you.

People Factor specializes in “Events with Purpose.” A team building event is not only a great opportunity to strengthen bonds and build bridges between team members and leader, but its larger purpose is to help reinforce the culture you want to achieve.

People Factor's team building events are differentiated by the creation of a program tailored to the needs of the manager, team, and organization. Because they are custom built for each client, they are scalable according to need.

A fun and effective event takes strategic planning -

  • We start with a discovery session with the manager to determine goals or pain points.
  • We then build out an event that is designed to specifically address those objectives.
  • We provide pre-event coaching for the manager on how to make the best use of the program that day and beyond.
  • We work to bring specific issues to the surface during the event. This allows us to coach team members to achieve a higher level of collaboration and efficiency.
  • Finally, we follow up in the months afterward with check-ins to assist the manager in helping the new understanding "stick."

It takes work to achieve goals and it takes intentional effort to stay there. People Factor is your partner in fully achieving your people goals.

“The in-house training provided by People Factor garnered the strongest positive evaluations we had received from staff EVER! Employees were still discussing the activities and the things we learned about ourselves weeks later.  After years of suffering through personality tests and other presentations that purport professional growth, we found that the fun activities and the open dialog presented by People Factor encouraged meaningful conversation that allowed staff to be heard, but to also be encouraged to listen.”

– Laurel S., public library Director

Your Culture is Your Brand