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August 2021

Got Game?

Coaches Aren't Just for Sports

Even though the concept of coaching in the business world has been around for over four decades, it is often unclear and misunderstood. In fact, more than one executive has been put off of coaching because of a perception that it looks too much like seeing a therapist.

May 2021

Turn Off Your Work Brain

Why It's Important; Why Employers Should Encourage It

If you've joined the legions of people who now work from home, what do you do about the stress you can no longer leave at your workplace?

June 2017

Winning the "War"

It's All About Company Culture

What is organizational culture? Here are some simple, practical answers and solutions to the “culture” question.

June 2017

People Factor: How to Change Company Culture

She’s saving employees, one company at a time. It’s not Undercover Boss, but Sanya Strawser, owner and founder of People Factor is making bosses pay attention without a disguise.

January 2017

People Factor comes to Fishers, aids companies with employment

Sanya Strawser originally launched People Factor to create a strategic human resources company to aid companies and their employees.

September 2017


At People Factor, we conduct HR as a service. We create and implement processes that empower employees to find meaning in their everyday work lives, even as they advance their own careers and serve the goals of their employers.

Your Culture is Your Brand