Our Purpose

Crafting an Intentional Culture for Your Company

People Factor is an experienced Organizational Culture Solutions company known for our effective solutions to strengthen company culture.  We believe that organizations of all types and sizes are most efficient and productive when their people can find real meaning and fulfillment in their work. We are passionate about helping companies build intentional cultures that connect their people to the organization’s mission and strategy, and support vibrant growth at every level.


The foundation of our work....

Culture is not some esoteric, unattainable thing. It’s as basic as food, water, or air, and it exists in your organization - whether you like it or not.  It’s also easier than you think to intentionally create a great culture.

So what formed your company’s culture? And at an even more basic level – WHAT IS CULTURE, really?

Culture is your organization’s personality. It is as unique as the people and philosophies that drive the company. Some key drivers of culture are executive engagement, transparency/communication, strategy and goals, trust, and engagement - to name just a few.

As you can see, employee engagement is only one component of culture. The level of your employees’ engagement is a direct result of the kind of culture you’ve created. In other words, Engagement is an OUTCOME of the work you’ve put in as an organization.

How was your unique culture created? Did it happen accidentally, through the mixing of random ideas and habits? Your culture CAN be deliberately designed to foster productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.

Culture is never "one-size-fits-all."

There is no formulaic fix.

Each company has unique people, goals, processes, and needs. Each organization requires a different approach and a different, custom solution.

What is it you’re seeing that you’d like to address?

  • Is turnover high for no reason you can see?
  • Why is productivity down when you’ve tried all the engagement fixes the experts recommend?
  • Do you feel fully engaged?
  • Are you able to clearly communicate?
  • Do you know what your goals are? (Do they know what their goals are?)
  • Does your company have a vision and direction that everyone knows? (If it doesn’t, how do people know what to work toward?)
  • Is accountability measured? – or is "accountability" just another buzzword?
  • What are the values you uphold? Do everyone’s values match?
  • Do you find meaning in your work? Do your people?

People Factor has the experience and passion to provide actionable solutions for these questions, and see your organization through to the vibrant culture you envision.

Our proprietary and proven scientific methodologies…

Determine the cause > Develop solution strategies > Implement the change > Measure results


In addition to that, we help you:

  1. Create an overall Culture Strategy for your organization.
  2. Create the right people processes in alignment with the culture strategy.
  3. Train your internal staff on those new processes.
  4. Help launch the new processes as appropriate.
  5. Do periodic follow ups to ensure the maintenance and sustainment of the change in your culture.

Companies are most efficient and productive

when their people can find real meaning

and fulfillment in their work.

People Factor offers comprehensive culture strategy that works in tandem with your company’s strategic plan. No matter your industry, size of company, or whether you’re an executive leader or people leader, People Factor has the expertise to help you create a unique and productive culture strategy.


Your Culture is Your Brand