DiSC Assessments

In a world of average personality assessments, People Factor is proud to administer the industry gold standard…

Wiley’s Everything DiSC suite of products comprises much more than simple personality assessments. We are certified to administer all of Wiley’s DiSC products including Workplace Profile, 363 assessments (a full-spectrum 360 look, plus three solutions), Productive Conflict, Work of Leaders, Management Profile, and Sales Profile. You have the option to simply purchase the assessments and take them on your own, or you can bundle them with Executive Coaching to help you fully understand and leverage your results.

One of the unique and powerful tools Wiley provides is Comparison Reports.  These are reports that can be run between individuals on your team who have taken the DiSC Assessment. It reveals a comparative view of each person’s personality and gives insights on how they can work and communicate in ways that complement each other’s strengths.

For organizations seeking to maximize their team’s effectiveness, we recommend Group Coaching. After your team takes the chosen assessments, we meet with them as a group to deliver assessment results and help them understand how to leverage their strengths to work together more effectively as a team.

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