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Getting Our Start....

People Factor was founded in 2016 by Sanya Strawser with one thing in mind – create the right understanding of Organizational Development which will allow organizations to fix many problems they face every day - challenges that could be the result of fast growth, lack of engagement, organized change, organic growth, lack of direction, too much focus on revenue only, too much talent, not enough talent, not the right talent, no processes, too many processes, rigid rules, no rules etc. Organizational Development is the whole basis and focus of People Factor. Our founding principles ensure we are always the best resource for our clients. We educate our clients when needed and also help them to understand the best practices in this field.


Sanya has been a passionate Organizational Development and Executive Coaching professional for over 17 years. She says, “When I started, I didn’t know what it was called, but I knew I wanted to help people find and connect with their own purpose and then connect that to the purpose of the work they do. It’s a wonderful thing when you realize your passion and drive create a meaningful outcome.”


Over time, she realized that OD and coaching would be the perfect way to follow that passion and help people achieve meaning in their work lives. She has an MBA in Human Resources – Organizational Development, is a Master Certified Executive Coach, and AS IF THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH - She is also currently pursuing her PhD in Organizational Psychology.

As you can tell from the above list of accomplishments, one of her core values is to keep learning. She means it, too. When she says she continues to educate herself so she can give her clients the latest methodology and knowledge, she isn’t kidding. Sanya already has an incredible number of certifications in her field, including:


  • BS in Psychology
  • MBA in Organizational Development and IT Management
  • Master Certified Executive Coach
  • Master Certified Transformation Coach (Executive, Leadership, and Group)
  • Master Certified Laser Coach
  • Certified Organizational Development Practitioner
  • Wharton Entrepreneurship Certified
  • Certified Business Strategist
  • Certified Strategic Planner
  • Certified DiSC Trainer
  • Leadership Development Consultant
  • Expert in Intent Based Leadership
  • Experienced Management Consultant
  • Organizational Change Management Consultant
  • Trained and Experienced Project/Program Manager
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She is a subject matter expert in culture initiatives to address executive engagement, organizational transparency and communication, strategy and goals, productivity and performance, mid-to large scale change involving team realignment, and employee engagement.

She is also an expert in strategic initiatives focusing on organizational growth and analysis; systematic, strategic, and technological change (innovation); and transformative change management and process improvement.

Additionally, she has professional expertise and experience in: Business Continuity; Organizational Change Management, Strategic Planning, Strategy Execution; Merger and Acquisition Process; Succession Planning, Process Development; Performance Management; and Business Partnership


Not surprisingly, Sanya puts her whole self into her personal pursuits too. She has long been an avid golfer and has played all over the world. She also has an amazing knack for creating exotic and flavorful dishes from scratch that bring friends and neighbors running to her gatherings. Having had several close family members in the military, she has a heart for our service members and veterans, and is proud to have People Factor serve our state and federal governments as a certified government contractor.

A Great Partnership

Carolyn Dorsey has been in the world of HR and Organizational Development for many years. Though her degree is in marketing, her true enjoyment comes from making a plan come together – whether that’s coordinating events, or seeing an organizational development strategy through to completion.


At People Factor, Carolyn is all about the details. Marketing materials, website, calendars, events, client communication, coordinating workshops, even bidding on government contracts – it’s all Carolyn’s purview. And anything she can do to help others is always a priority.


As a Certified DiSC Trainer, she is also well informed on and able to conduct DiSC workshops and activities. And with a well-founded understanding of organizational development, she and Sanya make a great consulting team.



At home, Carolyn is the family organizer as well. As the mother of two college age kids, she still has plenty of challenges for her coordination skills. From camping road trips to managing appointments, she’s still very much on the job.


Speaking of road trips, while the kids are away, the parents will play – and she and her husband like to ride their motorcycles cross country at every opportunity. Some of their favorite places are in Kentucky, Tennessee, and South Carolina, and they’d like to add Wyoming, Montana, and a southern loop on Route 66 in future years.


Carolyn is a huge supporter of our military veterans and service members – having several in her family - and truly enjoys working with the government to provide excellent services to our government employees. People Factor is proud to work with the U.S. Government on multiple fronts and looks forward to many years of great service.

Your Culture is Your Brand