The Importance of Intentional Culture

Culture and the workplace, why is it important?

Ruthie Shellabarger | Strategic Communications Specialist | People Factor, LLC

Attracts Talent

Potential applicants are constantly looking at your organization. It is crucial to convey an intentional culture opposed to an accidental culture in order to appear strong, positive, organized and competent. These qualities attract applicants not only who are talents but also the right fit for your organization.

Improves Productivity

Creating an intentional culture ensures that your organization runs efficiently. It creates a work environment that strengthens your employees’ loyalty and engagement. Additionally, organizations with strong, intentional cultures outperform their competitors internally and externally.

Ensures Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is crucial in any organization, regardless of the industry. Employees who are passionate about their work are proven to work more effectively and efficiently. Ensuring that your organization has a strong intentional culture will ultimately improve your employees’ enthusiasm towards their job.