Onboarding Favors the Prepared

Carolyn Dorsey | Program Manager | People Factor, LLC “New employees who went through a structured on-boarding program were 58% more likely to be with the organization after three years.” – The Wynhurst Group Does your organization have an onboarding plan? -One that goes beyond getting a new hire’s HR paperwork filled out and leading […]

“Wine Tasting” is not Team Building

Carolyn Dorsey | Program Manager | People Factor, LLC What does your company do for team building events? Do you go bowling? Is going as a group to a cooking class the sum total of the event? Many people in management today believe that these are great activities to build their teams. While these are […]

The Importance of Intentional Culture

Culture and the workplace, why is it important? Ruthie Shellabarger | Strategic Communications Specialist | People Factor, LLC Attracts Talent Potential applicants are constantly looking at your organization. It is crucial to convey an intentional culture opposed to an accidental culture in order to appear strong, positive, organized and competent. These qualities attract applicants not […]