Providing Intentional Culture

People Factor LLC is a leading Organizational Culture Solutions firm known for our creative solutions and innovative methodologies. Here at People Factor, we believe organizational culture is inevitable. It is the organization's unique personality that exists whether it's accidental or intentional.

  • Is your company’s culture something that happened by chance – assembled through a random mix of ideas and habits brought into the company from outside?
    • OR
  • Is your culture one that has been deliberately designed to foster productivity, engagement and satisfaction?

Culture is never a one-size-fits-all proposition. Each company has unique needs, people, goals and processes. A company that wishes to achieve a culture where employees are engaged and productive must craft their culture with creativity and thoughtful planning.

This is where People Factor comes in.

People Factor is made up of people who are excited to help companies grow the right way through creating an engaged and loyal workforce. We have more than two decades of experience working with organizations that have lost their way – helping them to a place where employees are committed to the success of the company and fulfilled in their work.

Our proprietary and proven scientific methodologies do the following:

Determine the cause  >  Develop solution strategies  >  Implement the change  >  Measure results

In addition to that, we help you:

  1. Create an overall Culture Strategy for your organization.
  2. Create the right people processes in alignment with the culture strategy.
  3. Train your internal staff on those new processes.
  4. Help launch the new processes as appropriate.
  5. Do periodic follow ups to ensure the maintenance and sustainment of the change in your culture.

In short, we take you from where you are now, all the way to what you envisioned your company to be –prosperous and a great place to work.

People Factor offers comprehensive Culture Strategy that works in tandem with your company’s strategic plan. No matter what your industry is or how big/small your company is – People Factor has the expertise to help you create your unique Culture Strategy. Whether you are a People Leader or an Executive Leader, we have solutions that will cater to your unique needs.



Your Culture is Your Brand